Nutrabolics HyperWhey 5 lbs (只在店內發售)

Nutrabolics HyperWhey 5 lbs (只在店內發售)



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Not only does HYPERWHEY provide a multi-staged protein blend that incorporates top-of-the-line whey protein, you also get minimal amounts of carbs and sugars. While it provides you with key nutrients for muscle building, it also helps you with your goal of keeping your body fat stores as low as possible.*

If you’ve been bodybuilding for any length of time, you already know the drill: Consume dietary protein – and lots of it! That’s because protein isn’t just a luxury to athletes like you. It’s a necessity. Search through any scientific journal and you’ll find loads of information supporting this fact.

Protein, the building block of muscle, is the most important nutrient when it comes to strength, repair, and growth. When you go hours on end without getting adequate protein, amino acid levels in your body become drastically reduced. With less protein being shuttled to your muscles, the chances of you maintaining your size or getting bigger significantly decrease. Clearly, this is the lastthing you want!

Enter HYPERWHEY – an advanced protein supplement that takes everyday protein powders to a whole new level! HYPERWHEY contains the purest whey isolates in proprietary amounts to help make your previous gains in size and strength look like a joke.* HYPERWHEY has raised the bar in its category, and tubs of this advanced formula are flying off store shelves. Regular protein powders just don’t cut it anymore!


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